禮賓員 Concierge

EAST,Beijing 東隅
  • 國際五星級酒店  |
  • 500人以上  |
  • 2019-12-30

  不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招1人  性別:不限
  英語 一般   年齡:不限


Verifies arrival and departure details and arranges luggage handling and transportation and other services requested by guests.

Opens and closes car doors for guests whenever the opportunity arises.

Assists all guests with luggage storage. Ensures the proper handling of storage and those security procedures are followed. Transports guests’ luggage to their room in an efficient manner.

Hire taxis and answers guests’ inquiries.

Be familiar with the hotel’s products and services and policies; be aware of all functions and promotions held in the hotel.

Want to be one of us?

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電 話:8610-84149782
聯 系 人:Jeanie Wang
電子郵箱:[email protected]
地 址:中國北京市朝陽區酒仙橋路22號


About EAST,Beijing

EAST is a business hotel with a wonderfully balanced approach to life. When it’s time for work, EAST is plugged into business. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find everything (and everyone) at EAST calm and very relaxed. EAST soothes and rejuvenates the tired; andenergises those in search of fun. Your stay at EAST is what you want, where you need it most.



About Swire Hotels and Swire Restaurants
Swire Hotels has been created to manage soulfully individual hotels in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the USA, providing a characterful experience for well travelled individually minded travellers who seek originality, style and personalised service. We create distinctive hotels with a sense of place that break with convention.
The company’s first hotel, The Opposite House in Beijing, opened in 2008 and was followed by The Upper House, Hong Kong, and then by EAST, Hong Kong, EAST, Beijing, The Temple House, Chengdu and EAST, Miami. The Middle House in Shanghai is scheduled to open in first quarter of 2018.
A restaurant division was set up in 2013 to manage the company’s stand-alone restaurant operations. Our first restaurant Plat du Jour opened in November 2013 followed by Public and Ground Public in Quarry Bay. The Continental in Pacific Place opened in October 2014 and Mr & Mrs Fox in 2015, follow by the second Plat du Jour opened in Pacific Place in 2016. Our latest addition, Republic, a sub-brand of Public opened in Taikoo Place in December 2017.




于2013年成立的餐飲業務部門,負責管理集團旗下的獨立餐廳的營運工作:部門首間餐廳Plat du Jour于2013年11月在香港鰂魚涌開業,其后于同區開設Public及 Ground Public 餐廳。位于太古廣場的The Continental及 Mr & Mrs Fox亦分別于2014年10月及2015年9月開幕,Plat du Jour第2間分店亦于2016年1月登陸太古廣場。Public的姊妹店,Republic亦已于2017年12月在太古坊開業。

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